Online European Conference Psychology of Elite Sports Performance November 21-22, 2020

Universidade Lusófona, Lisbon, Portugal

Lusófona University hosts and welcomes the Online European Conference Psychology of Elite Sports Performance. The aim of the Conference is to present the practical aspects of performance psychology applied to high performance sports, based on the experience of expert sport psychologists from 13 European countries, who are members of the Forum of Applied Sport Psychologists in Top Sports (FAST), and have a vast curriculum in working with high performance athletes.

Program Update

Welcome message

In the wake of the 2003 FEPSAC European Congress of Sport Psychology, the “Forum of Applied Sport Psychologists in Topsport” (FAST) was initiated with the support of the Managing Council of FEPSAC (European Federation of Sport Psychology) with the aim of bringing together experts who work with Olympic athletes, players and teams.

Since then, FAST has been hosted by National Olympic Committees, Sport Psychology Societies and other National Organizations of 11 European Countries and China, has thus provided a platform for sport psychologists from 13 European countries to exchange ideas and experiences on professional issues when working with elite and Olympic athletes and teams. These topics included, amongst others, ethical issues facing applied sport psychology consultants in the field, the experiences of the sport psychologist at the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, the promotion and provision of sport psychology support services, the use of psychological and psychomotor assessment with young athletes and players, providing support to co-competitors in one and the same sport discipline, and working as a sport psychology consultant in individual and team sports.

In their annual meetings, FAST group members provide a National symposium on applied sport psychology for the hosting organization/country where their experience is shared with professionals – coaches, psychologists, athletes, etc. – as well as students.

This year’s meeting that is organized by the Lusofona University of Lisbon, Portugal, was forced to adopt the online model due to covid international situation. Therefore, in the 2020 Online European Conference on Psychology of Elite Sports Performance 16 International experts in psychology of top sports will present lectures/workshops on three main sub-topics:

1. Psychology and Olympic/Paralympic Games;
2. Psychological health and well–being of top athletes;
3. Psychological education and training in top sports.

We welcome all those who are devoted to sports training, namely at elite level, and are interested in the psychological issues of elite sports performance.

Sidónio Serpa, PhD
Conference Chair